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  • I will personally review every word of your application
  • I will give you a call within 48-hours
  • We’ll discuss your business/career, your goals and what you hope to achieve from Money & You.
  • We’ll talk you through all the details of the event (including early-bird pricing - if you qualify).
  • At the end of the call, if we both think Money & You is a good fit, we'll tell you how you can secure your spot in the Program (and if needed, help you do so in a way that best fits your budget).


Please be alert for my call and answer any '07' or 'Unknown' numbers that that show up on your mobile in the next few days - chances are, it’ll be me!

In The Meantime, Here’s A Few More Testimonials To Give You a Better Feel For The Event …

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Craig Doyle
Director, Money & You ®

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